This kind-hearted vet has his own way of comforting patients after surgery, and this is no exception  

The way the vet comforts this sweet dog is really touching

This man is not only a skilled vet, but also a person with a big heart. He deals with many kinds of animals and knows how to treat them properly.

Life at shelters is not so easy as it seems, because sometimes the poor animals need to pass through some medical treatment and even undergo surgeries. They get depressed both before the surgery and after it, so they need to get much care and comfort.

Dennis Moses who is a vet at BARCS Animal Shelter does his job perfectly and tries to make animals’ lives better and easier.

He is very kind and caring towards all of them and besides doing his job, he gives the cuties human care and attention.

This time Meesha got an opportunity to be Dennis’s patient and she was lucky enough to be under his care. The poor animal was in stress after the operation, so the vet hurried to comfort her excitingly.

Dennis knows what means to wake up after surgery, and it can be stressful not only for humans, but also for animals.

The scene was captured on camera and was shared on social media. A short time later it became an internet hit and it’s not surprising, because it’s really exciting.

See this heartwarming video here:

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