«Not a disease, but a work of art!»: This is how the unique boy born with a skin disorder has changed over time

Here are the new photos of an angelically beautiful boy with a rare skin disease

Do you remember this absolutely unique Brazilian boy born with a skin disorder who greatly surprised the entire world with his extraordinary appearance? At that time, it seemed something extremely unusual and even scary and dreadful.

However, Samuel was not only the only one in his family. The whole thing is that he inherited such a rare feature from his mother. According to doctors’ perceptions, such a feature is most likely to occur over time, not from a little age in the case of women.

The cherished dream of the non-standard boy was to become an overall famous and influence other people. In the course of time, he achieved great success and often took part in ads, photo shoots and even movies.

The adorable boy has succeeded in modeling and already worked with various brands and agencies. He really likes what he does and is not going to stop.

Owing to his non-standard appearance, Samuel earns a lot of money and helps his family for which his parents are genuinely grateful to him.

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