The «X-Men» star with his wife!: This is what the 67-year-old wife of prominent actor Jackman looks like

The star of «X-Men» shared a recent photo of his aged wife and surprised the fans

Recently, this eminent and successful actor, who has starred in the blockbuster «X-Men», has shared exclusive photos showing his 67-year-old wife and congratulating her on their wedding anniversary.

His wife and him have happily been married for already 27 years and their union can already be called the «mahogany» marriage.

The highly praised actor sincerely expressed his endless and unconditional love for his chosen one admitting that he was grateful for having her in his life. The couple married 27 years ago. Despite their big age gap, they created an exemplary family.

Unfortunately, the woman had two miscarriages and they couldn’t have children. Now, they have two adopted kids.

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