«It’s illegal to look this good after the 4th pregnancy!»: Everyone was pleasantly surprised by how fantastic Lively looked

The stunning appearance of Lively after giving birth for the 4th time delighted the fans

One of today’s most charming, successful and exemplary actresses in B. Lively who has proudly shown her stunningly beautiful body with perfect parameters shortly after giving birth for the 4th time. The recent photos definitely came as a big surprise.

«Divide beauty!», «What is it like to look stunning even after the 4th childbirth?», «I can admire you forever!», «The definition of a self-disciplined and strong-willed woman!», «Does she have 4 kids? Are you kidding?», «The best out of the best».

As a reminder, she is married to R. Reynolds. They first met during the filming of «Green Lantern» in 2010 and married already in 2 years. In February they had a daughter. Apart from her, the beautiful spouses have three more kids.

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