Piper from «Charmed» is unrecognizable: The way actress Mary Combs has changed deserves special attention

The fans refused to believe that the obese woman here is the star from «Charmed» 😲😳

The life of this successful, highly praised and world-renowned actress was quite difficult and burdensome. Believe it or not, she used to be addicted to illegal drugs and strong drinks and only after the show «Charmed» her life radically changed.

She brilliantly played Piper, one of the sisters, and this character brought her international fame and recognition. The dark past of the outstanding star was already gone and she succeeded in becoming a well-known movie star.

Soon after marrying a restauranteur, she dedicated herself to family life and her appearance has changed beyond recognition.

Many are convinced that she let herself go and doesn’t take time for her appearance anymore. Some even hardly recognized her in recent photos claiming that nothing left of their favorite Piper.

She has gained much weight and the condition of her skin leaves a lot to be desired.

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