«Perfect relationship does exist!»: The recent heartwarming joint photos of actress Fox and her fiancé delighted everyone

This is what actress Fox and her fiancé look like when they think no one is watching

The recent touching photos of a beautiful couple of American actress M. Fox and her fiancé M. Gun Kelly let no single one remain indifferent.

After the hitting news that they were about to break up, the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch them on vacation while they were spending time together. One may conclude that they managed to reconcile and are again madly in love with each other.

They were captured while happily walking along the beach. Megan smiled sincerely and it seemed as if she was happier than ever. They were like teenagers crazy in love with each other.

According to the insider of the Daily Mail «They officially got back together after going through a difficult period in their relationship. It’s been a tough few months for both of them, but they traveled together to heal and it worked».

Many were more than sure that the man betrayed the American actress which became the main reason for their breakup.

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