«In a lace jumpsuit and heels at the age of 9!»: The way Kardashian dresses her heiress became the subject of discussions

Kardashian faced criticism for dressing her 9-year-old daughter in lace and high heels

Being only 9 years old, Kardashian’s daughter named North West is thought to imitate her mom’s «outrageous» style and seems to have aged prematurely. Recently, the girl in a lace jumpsuit and heels was took a photo with her mother.

Of course, no one could remain indifferent and not leave negative comments accusing her of not raising her child in a proper way. The opinions of the netizens again differed. Some claimed that she is a copy of her dad and others – the opposite.

Many were taken aback by the fact that a 9-year-old child was wearing high heels rushing to intensively criticize her mother. Do you think she is doing the right thing?  Do you think it is necessary to give the child freedom of choice?

It is interesting to know whether or not you think that she doesn’t raise her children in the right way.

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