«Went too far for the sake of money!»: The paparazzi photos of 91-year-old Murdoch with his fiancée surprised everyone

The vacation footage of this 91-year-old billionaire with his lover raised questions

Every time a young girl chooses an old billionaire to date or marry, this immediately raises questions since the majority is convinced that there simply can’t be any genuine feelings between an elderly man and a young lady.

The following footage shows R. Murdoch with his girlfriend on vacation. Despite his age, the man still enjoys his life to the fullest.

It should be mentioned that his chosen one is 30 years younger than him but they don’t find their big age difference something to worry about. The couple claims that they are truly happy together.

«Went too far for the sake of money», «Who is going to tell him?», «I have never understood such women», «They have no idea what love is», «No words needed», «Everything is clear here».

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