«Couple goals!»: The incredible transformation of these overweight spouses will not let you remain indifferent

This couple’s transformation will encourage you not to give up and follow your dreams

The story of this couple surely won’t let any of you remain indifferent and will encourage millions to never give up on their dream and become their best version. Lexi weighed 480 lbs and Danny almost 280 when these two got married.

However, overweight didn’t seem like something to worry about. They both were fond of fast food and didn’t lead an active lifestyle.

However, the situation even worsened and now they were ashamed of appearing in public as they didn’t feel attractive. Then, they started to have some serious health problems and realized that it was already high time to take some action.

The couple started to include more fruit and vegetable in their staple diet. In addition to this, Lexi and Danny started to go in for sports as well as take cardio training, cycling, rafting and even hiking.

And now, they look totally unrecognizable! Their incredible makeover didn’t let any single one stay indifferent. They encouraged millions to change their lives forever.


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