As a last hope, shelter workers posted a photo of a crying dog: the result was great!  

It was the last time he cried

High Plains Humane Society is a sanctuary where many animals find their comfort and safety. It provides rescued animals with everything they need and when they become ready, they are put up for adoption.

In many cases when the animals remain unnoticed and stay at the shelter for a long time, the workers share their photos on social media to focus people’s attention on them.

This case is no exception, and when the photo of this crying puppy was posted on the Internet, it went viral and broke many people’s hearts.

After a short time the staff got a lot of requests from families, who wanted to adopt him. But the chance to be the owner of this sweetie was given to a kind woman, whose love and care completely changed the dog’s life.

Luckily, the cute animal is now happy and all the hardships remained in the past.

We hope that other helpless creatures will also be given a chance to have a forever home and a loving owner.

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