«In desperate pursuit of timeless beauty»: The way Kim Basinger’s appearance has changed left everyone speechless

Everyone was taken aback by Basinger’s appearance after tons of plastic surgeries 😲😳

Here is an overall-known American model, actress and singer who, believe it or not, will turn 70 this year. Basinger, seemingly, decided not to be left behind her colleagues and co-stars and underwent tons of plastic surgeries. As a result, she’s lost her beauty.

In desperate pursuit of eternal youth and timeless beauty, she has changed beyond recognition. Her recent scandalous appearance literally left the public speechless and caused a stir among the netizens as well.

«I can’t believe my eyes! Where is my beautiful idol?», «All I see are tonnes of surgeries»!», «One of the prettiest women of the 1990s is now hard to recognize».

«I refuse to believe this is actually Kim», «Why did she ruin her unearthly beauty and charm with all these procedures?», «She looks like an alien to me».

Do you think she did the right thing? You’re welcome with your opinion!

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