A natural alarm clock, that woke the owner up in the morning 

No one was able to resist the kitty’s charm

After working hard during the day you want to lie down on your bed with many pillows and warm blankets. And what will make you leave the warm bed and get up in the morning? A cool and lovely thing with soft fur and sharp claws. It’s your kitty. And this story’s hero named Irina felt the same, when her yellow and white colored kitty named Pinky considered waking her up.

Pinky is from the British Shorthair cats and unique colored cats family. As Irina has many cats it is usually for her, that Pinky is next to her and cuddled with her. It’s just a usual thing.

But there’s something amazing! The kittens became the real alarm clock.

But there are many advantages, that the kitty has instead of the alarm clock. They will annoy you with their cuddling and sounds. And there’s no other way to stop them., until you wake up and feed them.

When a kitty cuddles or rubs someone it means it trusts the person a lot. It was clear, that Irina gained Pinky’s trust. And one demonstration of trust is nibbling on someone’s fingers or toes.

Cats have very emotional eyes. We show our love through kisses, while cats adore staring at one another for a long time. But not everyone has a chance to live with cats. The most widespread reason of it is allergies in cats and dogs.

And Irina also had the disease. But she didn’t pay attention to it, as she gave a lot of affection to her cats. She also told, that cats are her life’s inseparable parts.

Pinky also has a sweet pink house with cute cat ears and when she’s there the cuteness is doubled.

No one couldn’t love her.

Watch her video.

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