The true friendship exists. Adorable relationship between a cat and a lynx

Every animal should have a friend to play with

Our animals become examples for us.

Their friendship is adorable. These animals appear to be happy together.

The wild lynx was born at the zoo and the zoo staff considered examining if a lynx and a cat could be friends, of course under their attention. The experiment was performed to show visitors how different are the lynxes and the cats and that having friends lynxes would become happier and show care towards other animals.

At first, the little kitten was taken to the lynx’s cage for a short time to play together when the lynx was 2 months old. They were approximately the same age, so they tried to know one another. And the workers of the zoo followed them both. And when they finally befriended, the kitty was moved to Linda’s cage and they almost lived together for 12 years.

The cat is named Dusya. The friendship between Dusya and Linda is really amazing. They treat one another gently and communicate like cats. They love doing many things together, such as sunbathing, rubbing one another and also brushing one another’s coats. Linda has become the size of a true predator, while Dusya is still small.

They both enjoy empty boxes and often sleep together in them. They also enjoy playing with the toys the zoo staff gave. They are fed at the same time, but of course their meals are different.

Although their size difference, we can see, that Dusya has always been the leader in their friendship and Linda knows that. Dusya is also a wild domestic cat, who doesn’t like to be petted. It appears, that their personalities are alike and they supplement one another.

What an awesome friendship. Their friendship is adorable and no words can describe their friendship. An adorable feeling to see them together.

Love is a sweet thing. They are great friends.

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