«Such textured skin that even makeup is powerless»: Graham surprised the followers showing her face without filters

An «honest» selfie shared by model Graham was appreciated by far not everyone

One of the vivid and faithful supporters of body positivity is this unique and non-standard model who doesn’t think twice before showing her natural appearance, cellulite and even stretch marks. This time, she shared a selfie without retouching.

Her 12 million followers were «hit» by the «honest» selfie of the American celebrity. She signed the post «I have no reason to post this, except that my eyebrows look amazing».

Many were not really satisfied with her textured skin as well as marks and rashes on it that even makeup couldn’t conceal. The oily skin of the non-standard model wasn’t also unnoticed by haters and ill-wishers.

«I can admire you forever», «In one word – amazing!», «Not only your eyebrows, but your whole face looks perfect», «Simply gorgeous!», «I wish my eye didn’t see this!», «Far from perfect in close-up».

How did you like the appearance of this American model without filters?

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