Woman captured a very special scene of a hippo enjoying his time in the sun  

It knows how to enjoy life

Such things happen rarely, that’s why it immediately captures people’s attention.

This huge creature knows the right way to enjoy its life.

These adorable pictures were taken by a photographer, 52 years old Jackie Cilliers in the Kruger National Park.

At first, the woman got confused because she didn’t understand what was happening. Then she realized that the hippo was just having a relax in the sun.

It was not alone, there was another hippo, but it seemed they were not getting along well with each other.

However, no one and nothing disturbed it to enjoy its time.

The woman was impressed by the scene and decided to share the photos on social media to amaze netizens, too.

The scene makes everyone smile.

It’s something unique, so enjoy it!

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