«Dad’s angel has grown up!»: The latest photos of great actor Paul Walker’s heiress let no one remain indifferent

This is what an angelic beauty the «Fast and Furious» star’s daughter has become

Everyone is probably familiar with legendary actor P. Walker well-remembered for his role in «Fast and Furious». Today, we will show you this late actor’s charming daughter – Meadow. Walker loved her endlessly and even got a tattoo with her name.

However, unfortunately, the happy and carefree life of Meadow was short-lived since her father passed away when she was still a teenager.

The prominent actor and his daughter had lived in Los Angeles for three years before the departure of the man. The whole thing is that Walker’s wife R. Soteros was addicted to alcohol.

As a result, «Fast and Furious» became his last role and, ironically, before the accident, the actor intended not to take part in films anymore to dedicate himself to the upbringing of his child.

Currently, Meadow is already 22 and has become a popular model who regularly receives offers from various modeling agencies and advisement companies.

She is admired and even adored by thousands of people who see the late iconic actor in her eyes and are inspired by her healthy lifestyle, volunteering activity and traveling.

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