So much like dad! Kurt Cobain’s 30-year-old only heir still can’t forgive her father  

She doesn’t understand why

30 years ago the only child of famous musician Kurt Cobain was born. Now Frances is already 30 and has a strong resemblance to her father both in character and in appearance.

But Cobain has never been a good father to his daughter as he abandoned her when she was a child.

Frances doesn’t accept him as her father, but agrees he is a talented musician. For her, Cobain is just a weak and heartless man, who is never responsible for his actions.

Despite their bad relationship, the girl inherited her father’s attractive facial features and even those who don’t know her, guess that she is his daughter.

Besides it, she is like him in character. The girl loves rock music, but never listens to that of her father.

She is a confident and strong person and thanks to her strong will she overcomes all the difficulties she comes across.

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