«Perfection begins with her!»: The way world-renowned German model Schiffer looks at 52 won’t let you remain indifferent

Everyone’s eyes are on 52-year-old supermodel Schiffer’s perfect body in a bikini

However surprising it may seem, this world-class, enormously successful and exemplary model C. Schiffer has celebrated her 52nd birthday. However, judging by her recent vacation photos, no one would give her more than 25.

Her figure is a dream for millions of girls and women across the Globe and most of her fans were delighted with her ageless beauty and attractiveness. Schiffer’s slender legs and stunning forms soon became the subject of heated discussions.

This is how the network users reacted to her vacation photos. «I can’t believe my own eyes! Is she really 52?», «Here is the icon of all time», «Her beauty is timeless and unfading».

«Attention! The goddess is here!», «I guess aging is not in her plans yet», «I can’t help admiring her», «She is my muse forever».

The netizens were taken aback by the thin and long legs of the outstanding supermodel leaving such comments as «A role model for all girls and women», «I can’t find words to describe her beauty», «How has nature created such beauty?».


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