«I can’t support this farce anymore!»: MacDowell opened up with the fans and disclosed her entirely natural appearance

Here are the honest thoughts of grayed-haired MacDowell who showed her natural look

It is worth mentioning that one of the most charming and charismatic Hollywood actresses A. MacDowell gave up on dyeing her grayed hair. However, the entirely natural look of the movie star was liked by far not everyone.

The netizens strongly hold the opinion that her gray hair makes the Hollywood star look older and less well-groomed and attractive. Her recent appearance didn’t let anyone remain indifferent and some even hardly recognized the popular actress.

«I’m tired of being young. I was already young and was a woman who tried to be young. I just can’t support this farce anymore».

However, some stood up for their idol and continued to sincerely admire her as always. They highly praised her honesty and open-heartedness.

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