Cats are very brave animals, who can overcome every obstacle

This one more proof, that cats are very strong 

A loving neighbor found a little kitten next to a Las Vegas house. There were identical sisters and brothers near, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to assist them. There weren’t any mother cats around and they just abandoned their kittens.

And seeing a field and overexposure volunteer named Nikki Martinez immediately came to save the kitten. She has spent the last decade assisting and caring for kittens in need with her husband named Pule Kotov. Although recently he was diagnosed with cancer he and her wife dedicated all their time and energy to helping the poor creatures.

She is a sweet and amazing little kitty!

The kitty’s name was Rocky and her first night she spent in a comfortable incubator with a tasty meal. Nikki and her husband feed the baby taking turns every hour keeping her warm and comfortable. Nikki woke up every two hours at night to look after the kitty during the first week. Rocky started to grow and had a good appetite. Kotov bottle-fed the kitten whenever he could and just smiled looking at her.

When Kotov was going to have a crucial procedure, which ended successfully Rocky got all of the foster mother’s attention, comforted her and diverted her. And after leaving the hospital Kotov met his adorable kitty and considered to return his some of his parental responsibilities. The man bottle-fed the kitty and she happily ate all. It was a heartwarming scene to see two genuine warriors for life comforting one another.

Rocky developed a special bond with Kotov and followed him around the house for five weeks. She sat near and purred as if she understood that he needed assistance.

Soon Rocky learned how to feed herself as she spent a lot of time with her foster parents. And the couple was touched when she started to grow up. Rocky started playing a lot and developing her cat abilities.

The couple tried to find the best forever home for the kitty when it was already time for her to move. They wanted for her to be treated like a princess.

The couple searched for almost a few weeks before finding the perfect family. Next week Rocky will move to them.

It’s adorable to see the love and care they gave the kitty.

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