«Femininity that comes with age»: The Italian beauty pleasantly surprised everyone with her elegance and sense of style

Happy and in love, Bellucci in an elegant image was spotted at the airport by paparazzi

Believe it or not, this gorgeous and intelligent woman will soon turn 59. However, regardless of her age, the Italian diva never ceases to pleasantly surprise everyone with her charm and timeless beauty.

She claims. «Beauty is not natural data, but femininity that comes with age and life experience».

The outstanding actress isn’t in desperate pursuit of perfection and accepts absolutely all her age-related changes. «I accept myself for who I am, as well as the fact that perfection does not exist, therefore I do not strive for it».

Graceful and stunning-looking – this is how one can describe the successful film star and model.  Recently, Monica was spotted at the airport by the paparazzi. She was dressed elegantly as usual putting on a black suit and dark sunglasses.

Some were quick to claim that she used to be more charming and feminine than she is now. It is worth mentioning that Bellucci has been dating T. Burton since the autumn of 2022.

Given the fact that they have recently been spotted passionately kissing each other in public, one can conclude that they are in a serious relationship.


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