Drew Barrymore never buys presents for her kids at Christmas and explains why  

That’s why she doesn’t give her children presents for Christmas

Famous actress Drew Barrymore had a very difficult life, but thanks to her strong will and bravery, she has become well-known throughout the world. Besides her career, she is a wonderful mother to two sweet girls Olive and Frankie.

She provides her children with everything they need. There is only one thing that makes her a little different from other parents. She never gives her children presents at Christmas, explaining that it makes them more interested in spending their holiday than receiving presents.

She takes them to different places to spend their vacation and believes that this way they have much more interesting experiences and learn new things.

After the division from her previous husband, she has devoted her life only to her children, raising them in love and respect.

Although now she has a chosen one, she does not talk about it and does not want to reveal her personal life to the audience.

Now her daughters have whatever they need and enjoy their life with their caring mother, who supports them in everything.


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