«The 1990s’ Hollywood star is not the same»: The way Tom Cruise has changed became the subject of discussions

Movie star Cruise has gained weight and looked unrecognizable in the eyes of his fans

The recent public appearance of great and world-renowned actor T. Cruise was a big surprise for his fans. The paparazzi shots immediately caused a stir and became the subject of discussion. Many rushed to claim that he looked unrecognizable.

This is how the netizens reacted. «I can’t believe my eyes! Is this really him?», «What has happened to the Hollywood heartthrob?», «He has noticeably rounded and is hard to recognize».

«What huge cheeks and a beer belly?», «I refuse to believe that this is actually him», «Nothing has left of the popular movie star».

«His age is already showing itself!», «God! How much he has changed!».

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