The rescued dog was shy and scared at first, so his family organized a healing trip for him  

Thus they cured the spirit of the dog

Meet Lou, a rescued doggie, who had a very difficult life and suffered a lot due to his previous owners’ bad attitude.

When he was taken to a shelter, he was so scared and unfriendly, but his such behavior was normal for the staff.

Later when he was adopted by a loving family, he continued to behave in the same way, but his family understood that.

To cure the inner world of the cutie, the family organized a funny journey to the Hamptons. There he met Buddha, another cute dog, and they immediately befriended.

They loved each other at once and after a short time, they became inseparable.

They had a nice walk and enjoyed their time together.

Even they had a rest together.

Lou’s facial expression changed and he began to smile.

Then he was taken to a beach, where everything was new for him.

He became happy again.

Lou began to behave himself free and active.

He really enjoyed his first trip.

When they came back home, he went to sleep at once, because he was very tired.

This is what the doggie needed.

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