The little flamingo tries to imitate the big ones, but it doesn’t succeed, and it makes everyone happy  

Although it doesn’t do well, it is very likable

Despite the fact that baby flamingos are so cute and attractive creatures, they are quite silly. Our today’s hero, who is only a few days old proves this fact once more.

This little bird is trying hard to stand on one leg, but it is unable to do it, because only older ones can do it. However, the sweetie doesn’t despair and continues to try many times.

When this adorable scene was shared on social media, it entertained a great number of netizens from all over the world.

This cutie lives in Pittsburgh, the National Aviary and is at the center of people’s attention. Everyone loves him and enjoys watching his funny actions.

Although the baby fails in his attempts, he does it with pleasure.

However, he is so cute and adorable!

Flamingos are fascinating creatures and no one can remain indifferent about them because they spread joy and happiness around.

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