Still holds the title «Hollywood’s main heartthrob»: The way legendary film star Pitt looks being almost 60 delighted everyone

No girl can pass by and not to fall in love with Pitt who looks attractive even at 59

Judging from the paparazzi shots of one of the best-known Hollywood actors and the iconic star of «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» and many other films, Pitt hasn’t changed a lot and still holds the title of «Hollywood’s main heartthrob» with dignity.

His recent appearance on the Red Carpet in the style of «Disco 80s» in a jacket and a skirt immediately raised questions on the web.

This time, the eminent movie star appeared in front of the paparazzi in casual clothes, in ripped jeans, fashionable sports shoes and a green shirt.

There is no denying that even at 59, his body still looks attractive and athletic and even now girls and women can hardly resist and not fall madly in love with him.

To say that his fans were delighted is nothing to say. They were pleasantly surprised by his young and fresh look.

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