The best reaction of a puppy finding out his family is found

The emotional reunion of a lost puppy and his family

The puppy had the best reaction after meeting his family after being lost for a long time, as he considered he has lost them forever.

The puppy was found by the shelter worker, who saw him while going to work, chained to a fence. The poor dog had some problems walking and he knew he should do something or it wouldn’t survive.

The rescuers immediately saved the puppy although the puppy was frightened and lost his temper. He doesn’t understand he is being rescued, so he was very aggressive toward people. It is possible something bad occurred, that made him wary of humans.

And at the shelter the workers understood he was frightened of humans. He is very friendly with other dogs and happily he overcame his fear and went to the shelter. He isn’t aggressive anymore and is sociable. And the workers did everything to find a new loving home for him.

After a long time, the workers of the shelter discovered a surprising thing. The place where he was discovered wasn’t his owner’s house, but the house of the kidnapper, who chained him. One time he had a family, but then he was lost. And his family was searching for him all the time.

And the family immediately called the shelter after learning the puppy was living there. They are overjoyed and ready to welcome to meet their puppy.

The family wanted the reunion to happen as soon as possible as they couldn’t wait any longer. The dog understood it was his owners’ when they were still standing outside the door. The puppy wags his tail out of happiness when he meets his owners. He simply hugs his owner and they have an emotional reunion. Now he can go back to his house.

The dogs never forget us and they are very devoted to us no matter what. We are so happy for the puppy.

Just look at the emotional video.

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