The future mother couldn’t hold back her tears when her owners abandoned her  

Fortunately, she met kind people

It’s terrible to see that people treat animals badly without even thinking about the consequences.

Our today’s story is about a poor pit bull who suffered a lot due to people’s unkind actions. She was pregnant when her owners abandoned her just at midnight.

Security cameras recorded the scene how the poor doggie was crying. She didn’t know what to do, where to go, but luckily her life didn’t end there.

The next day she was spotted by some kind people, who gave her the second chance at life.

The rescuers hurried to save her and began to act more quickly when they found out that the dog was pregnant. Now there was not just one life in their hands, but many other lives.

Although the sweet canine was frightened, she became calmer when realized that those people just wanted to help her.

The cutie gave birth to 5 adorable puppies. They all were healthy.

Fortunately, she was taken by a woman, who decided to take care of the doggie and her pups until they will grow up a little.

The dog passed through many difficulties in life, but now she has everything to be happy.

Thank you to those who supported this sweet animal and her pups. They are now safe and protected.

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