The rescued hummingbird doesn’t forget what this man has done for it and continues to visit him frequently  

It has its own way of expressing its gratitude

Michael Cardenaz is an animal lover, who always helps those who are in need. This time he became a savior for a sweet hummingbird, who never forgot his kindness and remained faithful to him.

Several years ago, when the kindhearted man was having a rest on his porch, an injured hummingbird flew on his hand. He immediately realized that something was wrong with the poor creature and hurried to assist.

He began to feed and look after the bird until it started to feel better and healthier. During that period they built a strong bond and became inseparable friends. He looked after the cutie for over 2 months.

Although Michael has saved many creatures’ lives during his life, this case is a bit different, because, unlike others, this sweet hummingbird still continues visiting its rescuer, trying to express his gratitude to him for his action.

Each time when the bird visits the man, it fills his day with joy and happiness and in the end demands some cuddles from him.

What an exciting story!

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