The seal did not leave immediately after being saved; he stopped to thank his rescuers  

His face was expressing gratitude

Sea creatures often appear in terrible conditions due to several reasons: garbage, fishing nets, oil, humans’ unkind actions, and so on.

But there are some organizations that deal with such unfortunate creatures, such as Ocean Conservation Namibia.

Two loyal members of the organization are Antoine and Naude, who help seals get rid of fishing nets.

During their practice, they have come across many helpless seals, but this case will remain in their minds till the end of their lives.

When the rescuers found this poor seal in a fishing net, they tried to free him calmly in order not to harm him. In general, others become very nervous at that time and even bite people. But this case was a bit different.

The smart creature probably understood that they were trying to save him and waited quietly until the end of the rescue.

When the little cutie was finally freed, he didn’t leave his rescuers at once like others. He stayed for a while and looked at them with a grateful facial expression. He wanted to say thank you to them for their kindness.

Watch the amazing rescue below:

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