«The hero of our time!»: The praiseworthy act of this kind-hearted firefighter to adopt a rejected girl deeply moved everyone

This bighearted firefighter gave a second chance to the  baby girl who got rejected

Far not everyone at first believed in the accuracy of the incredible story of Mark who, after an urgent call, returned with a little baby girl in his arms.

The call was from a house where an uncontrollable fire broke out. Most terribly, there was a pregnant woman so not only her life, but also that of her little baby was in danger. The skillful man could quickly cope with the fire, yet the ambulance was late.

As a result, Mark could do nothing but offer his help to the woman who was just about to give birth. Soon, the medical staff arrived and the mother and daughter were immediately taken to the hospital.

Soon Mark learnt that the woman strongly refused to keep the baby and planned to give her to adoption. Mark couldn’t remain indifferent and rushed to call all his acquaintances and ask for help.

What concerns his family, his wife and he had two sons. However, the doctors assured the spouses that they could never have babies anymore.

Having no other choice and being unable to remain indifferent, the bighearted firefighter became a father for the third time. Their cherished dream came true and they became parents of many children.

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