After birth, «Blue Twins» fascinated everyone with their unique eyes, now they are 11 years old  

They have only one big difference… 

We have all met many twins who are very similar to each other. Although our world is full of twins, we are amazed every time we see them.

Our present-day twins Megan and Morgan Boyd look a lot alike, except for one difference.

At the age of 4, they became people’s favorite twins and their adorable photos attracted the whole world. Their mother began to post more photos of them when she saw that people really liked them.

They are known as «Blue Twins» because of their stunning blue eyes. Now, these two beauties have 184,000 followers on Instagram and enjoy popularity throughout the world.

They were born in 2011 and since their birth, they are in the center of people’s attention. Their mother Stephanie first called them «Blue Twins» and it remained their nickname.

If you want to distinguish them, just look at their eyes. Don’t you see any difference?

Megan’s eyes are blue, but Morgan’s one eye is black and it’s the only distinguishing feature of her appearance.

Now, these sweeties are 11 and look as stunning as they were before.

Their mother enjoys buying similar clothes for her daughters which makes their appearance much more unique.

Their mother also has blue eyes, and her daughters strongly look like her.

Although the girls are quite famous on social media, their mother doesn’t want to make them models without their wish. She wants her daughters to choose their career by themselves.

There’s no doubt that these adorable sisters will become attractive and beautiful ladies in near future.

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