Angelina Jolie adopted a boy many years ago, and this is what he looks like now  

Their bond has become stronger over the years

We all know that famous actress Angelina Jolie is not only so beautiful and attractive, but also a great philanthropist and is engaged in charity work.

She first took the plunge in 2001 and became a foster mom for a seven-month-old boy who immediately caught her attention.

After that, Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton and they had two children. Billy accepted the adopted boy as his own and became a foster father to him.

Although the couple broke up, Angelina remained loyal to the boy and dedicated her life to him.

Then she married Brad Pitt, who also took care of their adopted son and named him Maddox Jolie Pitt.

Jolie is a kind and caring woman, and a loving mother to her children. She provides them with everything they need. They all grow up in love and respect and it’s the most important thing.

As for Maddox, he is now 22 years old and enjoys a happy life with his mother. He has many interests: adores playing the guitar, loves cinema and knows three languages.

After the division of Jolie and Pitt, he stayed by his mother’s side and they are strongly connected to each other.

He has studied at the Yonsei University of Korea at the Faculty of Bioengineering and is quite intelligent. The most amazing thing is that Jolie left most of her property to Maddox.

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