This smart dog knows what to do to get the attention of passers-by  

It’s a useful gesture on his part!

Athena is a sweet and adorable rescued doggie, who has learned how to attract people’s attention.

When someone is passing by his side, he immediately takes his empty bowl and looks at the passer-by with a sad look.

Athena was found on the street in terrible condition. He was alone and defenseless, so the rescue team hurried to save him at once.

After taking him to a vet, it turned out that he had some health problems and needed daily care and attention.

He knows how to get a lot of treats when he spots someone. And this method works quite well and the sweetie is always noticed by people.

Now rescuers are trying hard to find a forever home for him.

We are sure that this beauty will soon get what he deserves, and he will he the happiest in the world.

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