The elephant lost her family, instead she found a safe place to live and a true friendship  

Their difference didn’t prevent them from having a real relationship

Ellie is a baby elephant, who was abandoned by her mother for having chronic diseases after birth. However, her life didn’t end there and she got more than she could expect.

When the staff of Thula Thula Hippo found her in a poor condition, they knew that the cutie needed their help and rushed to take her with them. Since then her life changed and she got not only a safe place to live, but also a true friend for life.

The sanctuary has saved a great number of animals, and Ellie was not an exception.

When the staff was informed about her disease they did their best to treat her. Ellie was provided with medical care and after a short time she was feeling better.

The little creature needed to be at the center of people’s attention, and luckily, these kindhearted rescuers were doing their task perfectly.

The sweetie recovered and began to enjoy her life next to caring and devoted people.

Although Ellie had everything to be happy, she needed a friend, with whom she would spend many unforgettable moments.

Duma, a friendly dog appeared in her life and completely changed it. They became inseparable just from the first meeting.

Duma became a loyal friend for Ellie and gave her what she needed the most: love, care and attention.

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