«Excited and blessed to start a new chapter»: The news that Lohan is expecting a baby has delighted the fans

Lohan excitedly shared the news of her first pregnancy and touched everyone

The happy news that this outstanding actress and her beloved husband are expecting a baby pleasantly surprised everyone. It is her first pregnancy and the star is excited about the first delights of motherhood.

She has been married to B. Shammas since July 2022. Though the spouses live in Dubai, the talented actress often leaves for the US on business.

She posted a photo of a onesie and the breaking news immediately delighted the fans who rushed to congratulate their idol.

The beautiful spouses admitted that they were excited to start the next chapter of their lives.

As for her recent appearance on a fashion show, the outstanding actress chose a loose-fitting outfit so as to keep her pregnancy in secret.

Her father admitted that he was so excited about the news and that his heiress was dreaming of becoming a mother for a long time.

He is more than sure that Lohan will be an incredible mother and that he himself already can’t wait to see his grandchild.

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