After a five year separation, the owner surprised his dog, not expecting such a reaction from him  

The way he reacted to his owner’s return melted everyone’s heart

This touching case happened in China and it excited the whole world.

It all started five years ago when a Chinese man decided to adopt a dog because his time alone was boring. The dog was so smart that he easily adapted to his new environment and learned to be a loyal pet.

Shortly after his arrival, they became inseparable and started to share a strong bond. The dog supported him in everything and made him feel relaxed after a long busy day.

This amazing couple never expected that they would have to be divided from each other. It happened when the man had to leave his home and go to work abroad.

He couldn’t take the doggie with him and left him at his friend, being sure that he would be safe and protected there.

For some time, the loyal animal refused to eat anything and missed his owner a lot. Finally, he adapted to his new owner and created a strong bond with him. But he never forgot his previous owner and he proved it.

When the man came back five years later, he decided to surprise his pet and visited him. The loyal animal reacted to his arrival in a touching way. He was extremely happy and even cried.

The scene was really touching and it proved to us once more that dogs are the most faithful creatures in the world. If they are devoted to someone, stay by his/her side till the end and never forget him/her.

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