A girl faced a heartbreaking scene involving a poor dog, which turned out to be fatal for him

Luckily, this story had a happy ending and this adorable canine got the life he deserved.

Once a girl who was riding a bicycle came across a very exciting scene. The man threw the dog out of the car. The poor animal did not give up and started running after the car. The girl captured the scene on camera to show everyone how cruel people can be.

She hurried home and came to the scene by car.

When she reached to the same place, the doggie was not there.

The video went viral and it shocked thousands of people from all over the world. A man, who lived near that place, decided to find the canine and show assistance to him. He tried hard, but he didn’t manage.

One day a miracle happened, when a video was posted on the internet, where the same doggie was playing in a yard.

It turned out, that some kind people found him after watching his heartbreaking video, and gave him a forever home and a happy life.

The life of this adorable canine changed and he became a loving pet for his new owners. He is surrounded by caring people and has whatever he needs.

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