The children saved the little dog’s life, but that was only the beginning of their heroism  

Such a brave move by these kindhearted guys!

Once three brothers and their friend encountered a very touching scene on their way home in Detroit.

It was a poor canine in a terrible condition. He was tied with ropes and was so frightened and confused. They hurried to save the animal and the first step was to take him home and show assistance.

On their way, they met some rescuers of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. They offered the boys their support, saying that the dog might have some health problems, so he needed a medical examination.

They took him to a vet and luckily, it turned out that everything was great with his health.

The staff took the canine to their facility and provided him with everything he needed. They hoped that people would notice him and the cutie would be adopted by a loving family very soon.

As for the children, they saved two more dogs in the same area just after the first case. This time the rescue center was also helped them and gave the canine a safe place to live.

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