This is how does the woman who gave birth to 8 children at once take care of them

It’s not easy, but she does it perfectly

 Many years ago, Nadya Suleiman, the mother of six babies, gave birth to 8 more babies at once. It was a sensation, and after it the woman became famous throughout the world.

It’s very dangerous for her health, but she managed to give birth all of them in excellent health condition.

Learning that she was expected 8 babies, the husband left her. The poor woman had to raise her 14 children all alone, but she is a brave woman and a wonderful mother for them.

Although it was a sensation in America, Nadia didn’t appear in the Guinness Book of Records, because another woman in India gave birth to 11 babies at once.

Now, this big family has a happy life together, despite many difficulties they encounter. It’s not easy to care of them at the same time and also they together spend  5 thousand dollars in a month.

Nadia has many fans who support her and share many pleasant comments under her posts. She devoted her whole life to her children and is quite happy to have all of them.

Her elder children take care of the little ones and help their mother in everything.

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