«All I see here are bones»: The appearance of Hollywood star and the world’s most beautiful woman Jolie caused a stir

Photos showing the evolution of the most beautiful woman on Earth Angelina Jolie

Many would agree that this charming and successful Hollywood actress is the most beautiful female on the Globe. In youth and even nowadays, the legendary woman has always been considered the epitome of beauty. Many even attempted to imitate her.

Though the outstanding star will soon turn 50, she makes a show every single time she appears in public with both her magnificent appearance and successfully chosen outfits.

Throughout the early years of her life as well as in the course of her drizzling acting career, one could see the iconic star in totally different images. Once she is a blonde, once she a brunette. However, many find her ideal in absolutely every way.

Whereas when we compare her archive photos when she was still a young lady and recent ones, it can even be hard to believe that this is actually one and the same Hollywood actress.

However, even when she appears without an ounce of makeup and styled hair before her fans, it doesn’t prevent them from sincerely admiring her.

Apart from all this, her extreme and unhealthy thinness often makes her followers worry about their idol’s health. Her thin waist, legs and visible collarbones have become the subject of heated discussions.


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