The «Game of Thrones» star’s low-key wedding: Popular actress Dorner’s husband became actor Oakes

This is whom Margaery from the series «Game of Thrones» has secretly married

As it has become known, she has recently married 39-year-old actor David Oakes. It was in 2018 when the couple stopped hiding their relationship. The newlyweds organized their wedding ceremony in Somerset County at a local restaurant.

«They had a low-key wedding. They didn’t want to make a big celebration, although it was certainly a bright and memorable day».

The admirable newlyweds welcomed their guests with red wine and a delicious three-course dinner. Recently, there has also been shared a heartwarming photo of the couple in the church.

For those who don’t know, before finding the biggest love of her life, Dorner was engaged to filmmaker A. Byrne, yet they didn’t get married. What concerns her current relationship, Oakes and Dorner first met while working in a theatre.

The iconic star of «Game of Thrones» and Oakes had a baby in 2021 and their fans and colleagues are now impatiently waiting for her second pregnancy.

What concerns Sophie Turner, she quickly got in shape after the childbirth within several months.

And the film star portraying Cersei Lannister married in October 2022.

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