«Nothing left of the 1990s’ supermodel»: Having gained excess weight, Banks left her fans speechless with her look

The fans refused to believe that the plump woman in these photos is Tyra Banks

It goes without saying that to the representatives of the fashion and modeling business gaining excess weight and losing the former body adored by millions seems like a nightmare. This is what one of the iconic 1990s’ supermodel T. Banks looks like now.

The start of her drizzling modeling career began in 1990 when she was still 17. Deservedly, she became the first dark-skinned model to be the face of Victoria’s Secret commercial. She was distinguished by her unearthly charm and rare beauty.

Her toned and desirable body, crashing diets, self-discipline and busy schedule made her one of the best-known and in-demand models who achieved incredible heights on TV as well.

She was the pioneer, the author of the idea and realization of one of the most popular shows. Tyra also released some books balancing it with her performances on catwalks and popularity in the media world.

However, the supermodel has lately been caught by paparazzi and the photos that immediately went viral weren’t appreciated by everyone.

It was quite clear to notice that the iconic woman gained some extra weight and, according to some, even lost her charm and attractiveness.

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