After locating a loving home the cat can’t stop smiling

The sweet cat from the shelter got a new home

Cats are known to be not sociable, distant and hasty. People consider cats can’t be happy and have good behavior.

But this story shows, that cats are more friendly than people think. This kitty’s name is Reya. She is overjoyed to have a new home.

The sweet kitty is very happy to have a new family, as it was seen by her big smile. The owner told, that she didn’t want to get another cat, as she already had two.

But when she was returning home from work she went to the shelter. There she immediately fell in love with a little old lady.

And after adopting the kitten, it hasn’t stopped smiling. She was named like a cartoon character. Fortunately, this sweet cat is located in a caring home, where she will always be loved. And we hope, that all the homeless animals will finally receive loving homes.

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