Their friendship is only 3 years old but continues to grow stronger day by day

Their cute photos will brighten your day!

This story proves the fact once more, that dogs are considered people’s loyal friends, especially for children they are more than just friends.

Meet Callie, a sweet puppy, who joined in this family about three years ago, when he was found tied to a fence. His human parents still cannot understand why he appeared in such a terrible condition, and who did it.

When the puppy was first taken home, he was confused and scared, but then he adapted to his new environment easily.

When the mother expected a baby, she was sure that their beloved pet would welcome him with happiness. And they were right…

After the birth of the baby, the doggy became more caring and attentive especially towards the child. They became inseparable just from the first day of their meeting, and their friendship is already three years old.

They never leave each other’s side, even sleep, eat and have a rest together.

Watch the cute video of their first meeting below!

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