«What if she also won eternal youth at a casino?»: The way Lopez’s mother Guadalupe looks at 74 will surprise you all

All the eyes were on Jennifer Lopez’s 74-year-old, but still stunning-looking mother

Though well-known, successful and charming singer J. Lopez doesn’t often share photos of family and relatives, she simply couldn’t miss a chance and not to officially congratulate her beloved mother on her 74th birthday sharing their common photos.

There is no denying that the mother of the iconic performer is always there to openly support and encourage her daughter every time she is on stage performing in front of millions.

In her turn, Lopez showed her eternal gratitude towards her for always believing in her claiming that she wouldn’t have achieved such incredible career heights but for her priceless help.

The followers of the popular singer sincerely congratulated Guadalupe as well as being deeply touched by their heartwarming photos.

One thing that should be also added about Guadalupe is that she is fond of gambling and once won 2.4 million at a casino.

The stunning-looking woman is happier than ever knowing that her heiress is currently with B. Affleck.

According to reliable sources, she has always loved Affleck and is now happy about the reunion of the ex-couple.


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