The dog discovers new comfort in unusual places

The dog enjoys her new life thanks to kind people

A pitbull slept on a concrete floor of the garage for almost eight years. And only when the rescue team came they were able to persuade Lily’s owner to hand her over. Then she was taken to the vet for treatment.

Lily was very friendly and active and eagerly welcomed the rescuers wagging her tail. The first thing for the rescuers were to take her to the vet for operation and treatment.

The dog spent many months in foster care before being adopted by Charlotte. The dog has spent seven weeks with her new owner, but only got used to her new surroundings.

The owner told, that all the beds in the house were nice and comfortable for her. Lily considers unusual places very comfortable.

One day Lily even slept on two sun loungers. She transforms every day and becomes happier. She is very thankful to her owner for giving her a new life. Thanks to kind people Lily enjoys her life.

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