«A sharp weight gain and an exhausted look»: No one could remain indifferent towards the recent appearance of singer Gomez

The exhausted look of Gomez made her fans worry about their favorite singer

S. Gomez, one of the most brilliant, successful and outstanding singers of today, who is distinguished by her beautiful voice, limitless kindness and open-heartedness, has always had a slender and toned body. But the celebrity has lately changed a lot.

The recent vacation photos of Gomez literally left the singer’s fans astonished. Everyone was wondering what was wrong with their favorite singer who appeared with a swollen face and exhausted look.

In the eyes of her followers Gomez looked totally different. Some even rushed to claim that she has changed beyond recognition,

No one could remain indifferent towards the radical changes the well-known singer has recently undergone. However, the reasons for such a transformation is unknown to us.

It is likely that the legendary star’s disease has had a negative impact on her appearance as well.

What can you say about the popular singer’s appearance? Why do you think she has gained weight?

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