The little boy and the shelter cat were ecstatic to have found each other

The poor kitty was lucky to be adopted by a little boy

The cat named Taco and his sibling appeared at the shelter. They weren’t very close to one another, so they could be adopted separately. The shelter staff wrote all the information about the cat on their official website.

But the cat seemed not to interest anyone. But a little boy named Elliot was searching for a pet on their website. His mother allowed him to chose either a cat or a puppy.

And the little boy came across Taco. He immediately fell in love with the kitty. And the next morning Elliot and his mother went to the shelter to meet Taco.

They immediately befriended and showed love towards one another. All the way home Taco cuddled his new owner and purred out of delight.

Now they are inseparable, they spend almost all day together.

The little boy and the kitty were absolutely happy to have found one another!

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