«Undeservedly called the most beautiful on Earth!»: One of the highest-paid supermodels surprised the fans with her natural look

Supermodel Hadid faced harsh criticism after showing herself without makeup

One of the highest-paid and most successful models of today B. Hadid is considered the most beautiful woman on the Globe. The 25-year-old model has recently found enough courage to show herself without makeup and faced criticism.

Far not everyone appreciated the way the overall-recognized model looked in the «honest» photo and were quick to judge and heavily criticize her «imperfect» look. Bella with a messy bun was walking along the streets of Los Angeles.

«There are millions like her in our village», «This hairstyle doesn’t really suit you», «Who called her the world’s most beautiful woman?», «I haven’t seen anything worse», «Enough Internet for today».

«Rare beauty», «The merit of her charm and attractiveness is cosmetics», «Does she really deserve that title?».

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